HOT DIP GALVANIZED Marine Grade Stainless Steel Bruce Claw Force Anchor Highly Mirror Polished

Short Description:

- ALASTIN MARINE bruce anchor is made of HOT DIP GALVANIZED.

- One of the most accessible anchors to both set and recover.

- One piece design provides superior holding power.

- Perfect for sand, mud, rock, coral, and other bottoms.

- A variety of weights are available(Refer to dimension table for details).

- Support private LOGO customization.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Code A mm B mm C mm D mm Weight kg
ALS7001 280 102 180 130 1 kg
ALS7002 350 127 220 175 2 kg
ALS7025 400 150 230 140 2.5 kg
ALS7030 400 145 250 200 3 kg
ALS7050 470 165 310 270 5 kg
ALS7075 540 190 350 290 7.5 kg
ALS7100 595 210 385 320 10 kg
ALS7150 680 255 440 360 15 kg
ALS7200 750 300 520 390 20 kg
ALS7250 810 310 590 410 25 kg
ALS7300 860 320 590 460 30 kg
ALS7350 935 370 660 460 35 kg
ALS7400 965 370 660 460 40 kg
ALS7500 1010 375 700 500 50 kg
ALS7800 1050 460 700 547 80 kg

HOT DIP GALVANIZED: Made from HOT DIP GALVANIZED, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion in saltwater environments.Bruce Claw Force Design: Features a unique bruce claw force design that provides excellent holding power in different seabeds, keeping your boat or yacht secure.Highly Mirror Polished Finish: The anchor is highly mirror polished, not only enhancing its aesthetic appeal but also making it easy to clean and maintain.Reliable Performance: Designed for maximum performance, this anchor delivers reliable results in various weather conditions, giving you peace of mind during your boating adventures.Versatile and Compatible: Suitable for a wide range of boats and yachts, the anchor is compatible with different sizes of chains and ropes, providing versatility for all your anchoring needs.Bruce Anchor: This Bruce Claw Force Anchor is crafted from HOT DIP GALVANIZED, offering exceptional durability and a highly polished finish.With its superior strength, it ensures secure anchoring in any conditions, giving you peace of mind on the water.Made with premium metal tubes and connected by screws, this anchor provides unparalleled stability and strength. Its high-quality construction allows you to confidently anchor your boat, even in rough waters.Trust in the Bruce Anchor's unwavering performance to keep you safe and secure while out at sea. Don't miss out on this opportunity to experience true peace of mind.

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    Internal packing is bubble bag or independent packing the outer packing is carton, the box is covered with waterproof film and tape winding.


    We use inner packing of thickened bubble bag and outer packing of thickened carton. A large number of orders are transported by pallets. We are close to
    qingdao port, which saves a lot of logistics costs and transportation time.

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