Marine Versatile Ratchet Antenna Base

Most VHF antennas are installed using a versatile ratchet mount. Mounts feature threaded bases for attaching antennas and enable angle adjustment from side to side and fore and aft to make the antenna as vertical as possible. A quick-release lever allows folding down the antenna for low bridges, trailer and storage. For hardtops, use a robust stainless-steel ratchet mount, rather than the plastic versions that might break in rough seas or degrade over time from UV exposure.

Below is a popular marine antenna base from Alastin Marine.

Material Details: Preferred stainless steel 316 material, corrosion resistance, no rust, durable, long service life

Standard Size: Base size is 3.62*2.52*0.12 inch, 3/8″ hole for cable pass through, Hole diameter 5/16″

Exquisite Design: The product adopts fine grinding, mirror polishing. Precision, polishing, brightness, flatness and so on are many times better

Strict Working Procedure: Every gap of the product is polished according to the standard, and professional quality inspection will check for you

Adjustable: Adjustable ratchet design, handle rotation angle, all made of 316 stainless steel to meet different needs

Alastin Marine is a factory specializing in the production of marine antenna bases, and also supports customization. If you would like more information about antenna bases, please contact us.


Post time: May-24-2024